Welcome to the BRICKIDO® website!

The clever brick management solution & extensive LEGO® archive

This revolutionary web application is currently under development.

BRICKIDO® unites an extensive database containing every LEGO® brick and set ever produced with a clever brick management solution to inventory the own collection of LEGO bricks.

Digital models can be imported to the system easily. All common file formats are supported. In addition to that there will be a wide range of importing and exporting functions provided to involve established websites such as Bricklink or Brickset.

The innovative BRICKIDO technology allows to compare the own collection of bricks with every official LEGO set or custom model. So you get to know about missing bricks to build a certain model or set in the wink of an eye.

All this is supplemented by a large online community and the thitherto most extensive LEGO knowledge database with sophisticated building techniques, tips & tricks and worth knowing facts about the small and colourful plastic building bricks from the Danish town Billund.

That was only a little forecast, BRICKIDO will provide many more interesting features which definitely exhilarate every LEGO Enthusiast, so stay tuned.

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Christoph Helfenbein
Rosensteinstr. 29
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Tel.: +49 (0) 711 - 508 775 75
E-Mail: mail[at]brickido.info